Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mailing list addess change

So someone or something hijacked the ss@s-srecords.com email address and people have been flooded with spam with that address on it. The emails aren't viruses or trojans, just annoying. The address harvested from other email accounts. Anyway, it sent a lot of my emails straight to spam filters so it is time to change things up. These mailings will now be sent out from the address of s.srecords @ yahoo . com If you want to keep getting these emails, please make sure that that address is not filtered out by whatever spam program you use.

I still will be using the old address for correspondence and will always have something in the subject line even if it is only "Hey".

Also the new catalog site is up and running at http://s-srecords.com/catalog If you have used it or tried to use it and have had any problems, please contact me. For those overseas ordering: I am still fine tuning the post for international orders. If the post seems high when you go to check out, don't give up! After I process the order, if the post charged exceeds what it cost me to ship, I will be refunding you $$$.

That is about it. Except: New album by John Wesley Coleman III is in!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Some used stuff

Plenty of great used stuff added Robert Charlebois, Earle Mankey, Modern Lovers, Mingus Cale/Riley, Scorps, Skids, Getz, more! Records added daily! http://bit.ly/qBXFb9

Monday, July 11, 2011

Nothing People Australian Tour August 2011

Fri August 12th / Format, Adelaide
Fabulous Diamonds (MELB) + Mondo Phase Band + Burnt Skulls

Tues August 16th / Step-Inn, Brisbane
Slug Guts + Blank Realm + Mondo Phase Band (ADL)

Fri August 19th / Dirty Shirlows, Sydney
+ Naked On The Vague + Mondo Phase Band (ADL) + Woolen Kits (MELB) 

Sat August 20th / Workers Club, Melbourne
+ Naked On The Vague (SYD) + Mondo Phase Band (ADL) + Free Choice Duo

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

FM-BX returns! The Dreams are great! Lots of stuff!

We got some more jackets in for a box of FM-BX Society Tape 001 LPs we had unsleeved so now there are more for sale! Probably our best received title of the year, great DIY from 1981!

Also got in the new Dreams LP on Killshaman and it is freaking great! So is the newest archival release by Doxa Sinistra on Enfant Terrible. Also on the electronic tip is Mudboy's "This is Folk Music" LP. Minimalism at its best. 

The newest Sublime Freqencies release is a great DVD/BOOK/CD by Olivia Wyatt called "Staring at the Sun," it is a film and document of a journey through Ethiopia and visits with 13 tribal groups. Stunning stuff the trailer is below. 

Any of this (and more) you can order at the S.S. catalog. Visit here!

Staring into the Sun from olivia wyatt on Vimeo.