Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Arrivals - Upcoming Releases - Budget Rock

Got some new stuff in....Got some sounds to pass by you...Gotta tell you about a show or two!

So the Michael Yonkers/Blind Shake album and Los Llamarada's third album are now in the test press process. I should get them tomorrow and then when approved, hopefully I will have something for you by the end of the month. I am really excited with these two records. To me the represent the ying & yang of modern psych punk. Yonkers & the Blind Shake mix a Blue Cheer style blast with a Von Lmo spin. Llamarada comes from the school of Red Crayolla/13th Floor Elevators "there are no rules"/"find our way as we play" school of psychedelia. And unlike a lot of bands flogging the psych horse, both groupings have their own unique sounds. Here is a cut from Michael Yonkers/Blind Shake's "Period" LP and one from Los Llamarada's "Gone Gone Cold".

S.S. comrades Hank IV and LENZ are playing this year's Budget Rock, the last one ever, and not only are they playing the same show but my Siamese twin and I are dj-ing. Date on that fucker is Thursday Oct 20 at thee Parkside in San Francisco! Also at thee Parkside is the Budget Rock Record Swap, and, yup, I'll have boxes of records there. That one is Sunday Oct 23 at 1 pm.

Recent New Stuff 

Black Humor Love God-Love One Another LP  Malcolm Mooney & The Tenth Planet InCANtations LP
Rick Johnson Tin Cans, Squeems & Thudpies paperback book 
Television Personalities Wonder What It Was 7" 
Red Asphalt R/A 7"
Eat Skull Wild & Inside LP
Sound of Ruby From Under the Sands of the Desert 7"
Luk Haas Discography of Eastern European Punk Music 77-99 paperback book
Art Yard Allston 1981 7"

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