Friday, May 20, 2011

Report: City Rock Night SS10

You really do not know the power of Walter Egan until it is shaking the building at 110 dbs. The Knockout was a frenzy of City Rock rockingness last night with Mitch Cardwell, Ryan Wells and me on the Wheels of Steel. A great crowd and much fun. And then there is Conan. Dude is City Rocker #1. I first spotted him in a corner booth, red jacket and derby atop his head. He was surrounded by an entourage of folks he used to play with and friends. Everyone who met him said he was the nicest guy. I walked over and introduced myself and he couldn't have been kinder and more humble. Not only did is he a nice guy he played a great show. Really a legitimately great show. The City Boys were a solid band, loud and with an edge. I don't know if it was the best band Conan every played with but it had to be the hardest rockin band. Work in Conan's old cohort & producer Paul Branin on lead guitar and sax and these guys fucking ruled the City. And of course there is Conan. He was great. Engaging, on the mark, and so fucking into it. I'd guess he's 60 or so years old, but the spirit there was younger than that. Really, you can have your garage bands full of 20 year olds trying to make the scene and be the newest hippest thing. Last night a 60 yr old guy, his old friend musician and a rag tag band of City Rockers just trying to get by blew everyone of the bands you all endlessly hype off the fucking stage. Really, that is absolutely no hyperbole. Four songs, 20-25 minutes, bam, bam, bam, bam and Conan & the City Boys ruled the world. I am sure Conan was psyched, especially since the crowd (and it was a crowd) were rocking as hard as the city could handle. City Rock is alive and well, and last night it ruled this town. Thanks Conan for coming out and playing, and Paul, Vinnie, Mitch, and the City Boys for getting Conan over here and making it happen!

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