Monday, May 23, 2011

SS10 Day 3 Report

So Day 3 report: Another good evening. LENZ tread that line between punk, rock, and glam and remind me a bit of a lot of obscuro 70s glam acts like David Werner and Dorian, but brought into the now. Loved their set....3 Toed Sloth were are great treat. I really didn't know what to expect, even though I've heard them on record. Shambling one part punk rock in the vein of Wire, Flipper, Fall, without sounding like any of them...I've seen Nar at least a hundred times and count that as a top five Nar set, which is pretty amazing considering that they started 20 or so years ago and hadn't played in quite a while. Great....I've only seen the Mantles a few times but that was definite the best. Perfect way to end this weekend.........

All in all this thing went remarkably well. Great group of people at the shows, every band played a stellar set and that is no hype, great sound, good vibe, and even the weather cooperated. feedtime were better than expected and as good as they were that was topped by how great they and their kin are! The nicest, most genuine people you'd wanna meet and that includes Bruce Aberrant. All the other Aussie who came over were also great and even had a friendly Norwegian in our midst, not to mention folks for New York and Rhode Island. Oh and some schmucks from Utah. The two other real surprises were 3 Toed Sloth (as noted) and Conan & the City Boys (raved about elsewhere).

Anyway, thanks to all of you who came out for this. Thanks to the bands who played. Thanks to Vinnie, Brace & the City Boys for making the Mission the Heart of the City. Thanks to Mitch, Dulcinea, and Ryan for advice, help, and making it easier. And thanks to Tony at the Hemlock and Ramona at BOTH. When in San Francisco visit Explorist International on 24th Street in the Mission.

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