Saturday, May 21, 2011

Report: SS10 Day 1

First night of SS10 was pretty damn good! Charles Albright's trio pounded out a great set of overdriven punk rock. Imagine some teenager holed up in his room studying Blue Cheer records and then placed in front of a garage punk band.  Hank IV was fantastic! They really set the Aussies' in a frenzy. Really, one of the best SF bands going and, besides, Mike Lucas, Bob is the only man I would pay to dance for me. The rapture came and it was Liquorball. Holy fuck! The amount of sound generated by Grady, Doug, and Marlon is mind-boggling, but not quite as insane as the drumming of Ttttch. Part monster, part machine, the dude is The Best. And the A Frames once again killed it. They played every song, you want to hear and then some. The feedtimers were in shits & giggles over them. One of the best bands ever.  A very fitting end to a very great band! Thanks to those of you who came out.
Tonight, feedtime, Lamps, Nothing People, and Wounded Lion. These Bottom of the Hill shows start on time, so don't be like the folks who blew in at ten last night, and missed Charles Albright and most of Hank IV. 9 o'clock if you want to see Wounded Lion, and you do want to see Wounded Lion. Advanced tickets at but get there at 9 and  you should have no problem buying them at the door. 

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