Sunday, May 22, 2011

SS10 Day 2 Report & Plug for Day 3

SS10 Day 2 report aka Of course I am biased but....Wounded Lion started things off with a great great set. Seriously one of the best bands going. Add Raffi to the list of dancing men I would pay to see...Best Nothing People set I've seen yet, hands down. Feedback drenched midnight pop perfect to bring an end to the rapture....Lamps are like one of those playful punches that someone gives you from about a foot away. A short, sweet shock and last night, that is exactly what happened. Again another top gig...feedtime, damn! These guys are the nicests dudes you will ever meet, but sound so gnarly and brutal. They pretty much bulldozered the club. Absolutely met expectations. Great band, then and now!

Today at the Hemlock: 3 pm record swap. 6 pm show w/ The Mantles, Nar, 3 Toed Sloth, & LENZ!

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